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Meet our Viticulturist Ryan Collins

by Annmarie Harris | Published 22/08/2021
Goaty Hill Wines _ Ryan Collins

Ryan has established his career in viticulture working in the cool climates of New Zealand, Oregon, Yarra Valley and Margaret River. His love for viticulture, working with the seasons, the wines and the people are what gives him energy to keep going even when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Ryan is excited about working with the Tasmanian climate, its vintage variation and how this shapes the wines. He finds the geology fascinating and is looking forward to learning more about how this effects the taste of the wines.

Ryan is a believer that organic management produces more resilient vines, wines and communities. Organic Viticulture promotes a biological system which creates a greater connection between the wine, the vine and the place they are grown. Ryan is passionate about achieving organic certification and seeing how the wines express themselves under this management.